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Twix Cookies

A week or so ago there was a video going around Facebook for how to make Twix cookies. They looked AMAZING! But... they weren't vegan. My boys begged and pleaded... and so I made them vegan, and gluten free, and simply divine! The recipe is pretty simple, and very similar to the one in the video found at I, of course, made a few tweaks (who wants jarred caramel sauce!?!?) and.... wa la! We have Vegan Twix Cookies!

First things first, I had to find the right caramel sauce. I tried making up a few on my own, and couldn't get it just how I liked it. So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I went on the trusty world wide web and found an amazingly simple sauce that makes me want to dig in with a spoon! I was hesitant to even try it at first because is seemed too simple, but Regina at has created a masterpiece! Check it out on her blog, then make it and keep it on hand.. always (seriously not joking about this one)! It went perfectly with the Twix cookies. Just to warn you, the coconut sugar makes it seem really dark, almost looking like chocolate, but the flavors an are that buttery rich caramel that just seems to melt in your mouth. I could eat my body weight in this stuff... but I won't. :)

After I found the right caramel sauce, the rest was easy! First we start by mixing the flour and the salt, then mixing the butter and sugar. Then you add in the "egg". Egg replacers like Ener-G and Bob's Red Mill have made converting baking recipes pretty easy. I used Ener-G because that's what we have in the house right now. I made one "egg" according to package directions, then continued on! Along with the egg, I added some vanilla, then slowly blended the flour mixture in! Easy peasy. Vegan baking is seriously no harder than "normal" baking.

Then it was time to make some balls! Ha! I grab a handy little tool- the cookie dropper! It scoops out perfect 2" balls of dough and made quick work of prepping these for baking.

Next it's time to put a little thumb print in! I tend to use the back of a teaspoon, or some other round tool, but your thumb works just as well. This little impression is where all that yummy caramel sauce is going to go!!!